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Appealing for guilt by association ban
Your Byond/Ckey Username: Alphablitz

Your character name (if relevant): Alphan Blitzen

Who were you banned by: Maxattacker

Date of ban: 3/2/2019

Length of ban: PERMANENT

Full ban reason: Association in a side discord.

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: 
Why I join Wildcat Security Solutions aka WSS/What I even type on there about
I did not know what was going on, or anything about this side discord drama.  I joined Wildcat Security Solutions to hang, and talk with Flaksim, cause in my mind he is cool.  Even though he has hate for a certain moderator in Halostation 13.   I didn't know what a side discord even mean til a friendly Stormtrooper told me on march 3rd 1:00 am EST what it really meant: a discord that talked about HS13 unmitigated by any mods or the likes, thus opening up for potential metagaming.   

Now what I have typed on Wildcat Security Solution, which is mostly complaints, and rants about certain player versus player events like where URF took over crescent base an somehow easily built a Mech to be used on mostly unskilled ODSTs making that event URF win heavy.  Or, how grunts have access to the button that leads to level two ground level in Crescent, which yes the map is rather new, and it will be patched out.   I talked about Flaksim on his opinion about fallout server, but most of my conversation was HS13 passed round story of something interesting I did that I've already shared on UNSC chat, and general like taking our URF commandos as RD by using the prototype mech, or praising a very scout sniper marines skills that I've only seen once.  All of which was typed at, or before 12/01/2018 an have not typed anything since on that server.

Reason for my ignorance
I did not pay attention to any recent pings due to me being on do not disturb, reason was cause you can't put group chats on mentions only just full mute which did not show any image pings that someone has typed something, and I didn't want to be that person to say "Hey, can you not spam, or hold any conversation, cause discord constantly pings me that someone is chatting." in those group chats.  The discord pings in Halostation I barely pay attention to due the @everyone, or @UNSC is usually used by random people who just want anyone to join on a 4-10 population round.  So, I apologize for ignoring the notification pings on the server as of late.

Why I should be unbanned
Well first I did not know, or payed attention to whatever drama/offense of a rule that me an/or anyone else who was banned by guilt of association being on WSS.  Cause, that server was mostly to hang out with Flaksim since he quit HS13 of his own reasons. 

Second I only complained about minor things of HS13 that can be changed with time, but never about anybody on Halostation 13 server. 

Third I did not know what was going on til Caelum surprised message me "rip" in my DMs, and Caelum never really types to me.
[Image: 65b3407b2ec768b052f53730c429da2a.png]

Fourth I really do like Halostation 13, cause I like the technology, and how the marines are portrayed in that universe.  Plus, the combat is quite amazing, and somewhat different from any other SS13 server there is.   The danger of vaccum of space really shows on the ship breach, and having a good amount of time to help deal with said haul breaches, or struggle to get to the escape pods.  Then, there is the faction interaction of not being full out fire-fight when eyes lock, but a well put decide if you want to want to surrender, or take your way out of being arrested.  The strategies you can make with your superior officer if your faction In-character knows the area the enemy is in.  Doing all that when I am in the "Hey, let's be a UNSC marine, and live out that military life with all the dangers of URF and hostile alien life." mood.

All that gone, cause certain people on WSS badmouth people from HS13 recently that I did not see at all til I was banned with no warning in my DMs beforehand, and had to personally look up what was happening.
I’d highly suggest leaving that said side discord so in the future you don’t get wrapped up in potential metagaming and other things like “stating you have a back door to CM” and shit like that. You’ve had a clean record for the most part. Crom wanted everyone found in that discord banned. Approved, next try to pay attention a little more from time to time.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
Roger, I left the Wildcat Security Solutions discord. I will try my best to pay attention to HS13 discord server notifications, though I still wish discord put a option for group chats to have a mentions only pings, cause whenever someone uses the @ in there messages, Windows 10 shows part of the message for a brief second to the right of the screen on the bottom corner when I am not on do not disturb, and group chats are just constant discord pings sounds when there is a ongoing conversation that your not apart of can be quite headache inducing.

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