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caelum gets banned again
Your Byond/Ckey Username: CaelumZ

Your character name (if relevant): Not Relevant

Who were you banned by: Maxattacker

Date of ban: 3/2/2019

Length of ban: PERMANENT

Full ban reason: [Image: 6cfbd3f2b4.png]

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned:  First off, I'd like to point out I haven't been on the server in like, 2 months because of IRL stuffs, something I already talked about dealing with (And I have been, thanks for asking! Guess who's lost 40 pounds? This fucker! And guess who's got a girlfriend? Also this fucker!) So I wasn't even watching when I got bannerino'd and someone had to tell me 'RIP' in my messages so I'd know. So that would have been fun to try and log on and see "permanently banned" and go "???"

Anyyyways. I've only posted like...4 times in that discord? And the messages were just me saying how I was loyal to the ODST and UNSC? 

[Image: 7a2e4c2149.jpg]

The only time I was mentioned was someone else saying it was a shame I got booted out of the ODST but whatever, live some lose some. 

Anyways, I was pretty neutral about this and avoided the chat as it just revolved around toxicity (I didn't leave it because... dog you really want me to bring up all my discords? Theres a LOT here and I don't leave any of them. Like steam groups. They just pile up.)

I'll not join these servers in the future though. I can see there was some serious salt being slung and I'm not about that life right now. Please let me return to the discord and the server. Thanks. Angel
Your ignorance isn’t my problem, you were already warned last time the side discord’s were shut down. Go enjoy being 40 pounds lighter and girlfriend, denied
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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