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PantasTheDark's Moderator Application
Age: 20

Ckey: PantasTheDark

Discord Name:あなたのお母さんは同性愛者です(PantasTheDank)#4682

Timezone: GMT+1

Time in SS13: I started playing on 7th of November, 2017.

Any SS13 Bans: Permanent bans on Paradise,Citidel,Yogs,all of which are fairly old.

Prior Moderation experience: None

Personally, I think the most important thing about moderating is: making sure everyone is having fun of course, but also more importantly making sure that fun doesn't exceed server boundaries and rules.
I have a few concerns. Namely, how are we supposed to type out your discord name if we have English qwerty keyboards, and besides that, how familiar are you with the rules?
1-I can, of course change it to something sensible and normal.
2-I am very familiar with the rules,and I am always updated with news from #embassy so I know about the rule changes.
I have a bit of an opinion on this one.

So, you're very active in both the discord and the server, which is great. You've had a few issues on the server, but nothing major (bannable), and on another note, you're trying to learn to contribute to the server (though admittedly it's not an admin trait, just a plus on you in general. If those were the only factors it'd be a +1. But they are not.

The issue that I have is your attitude and behaviour. One some days? You're perfectly fine, friendly, helpful, etc. But that can change in a second and you can turn into an almost toxic, uncooperative royal pain in the ass. And it gets worse. You don't realise how far you've gone sometimes, or how close you've been for being removed from the discord entirely. Off the top of my head I remember you repeatedly ignoring select staff members in the discord when being told to stop a certain action, and refusing to do so until it was escalated. You've also been grounded several times.

How can we trust you to listen to the chain of command and work well as a team, if you have shown in the past to ignore admins even as a *player*?

I think you have a shot in the future, I do. But for now, I'd like to gauge your overall character more. See how you handle the above situations more.

After speaking with the rest of the staff team and considering my own opinion above, this application is denied. Try again in the future once we get to know -you- more consistently. Don't be disheartened by this.

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