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Harun Al-Rashid and Kevon Crush
Right, since there doesn't seem to be any format for these, I'm just going to wing it I guess.

On KS7, next to one of the docking tubes, me and a marine where running off of the URFC ship, because the thing was completely fucked and my marine had a popped lung and broken artery. I want to mention that we didn't fire at the commandos at all before this, and only blew open a door, though I totally understand why they did shoot at us in the first place, and think that's fine. Anyway, the commandos followed me and the dying marine onto the planet, where we started shooting. About eight seconds into the fight, I decided we should probably do something and work together to stop the covenant that blew up both of our ships and attacked the colony, and try to talk it out. So I stopped moving, holstered my guns, and started yelling to stop shooting. Kevon stopped shooting for a bit, but Harun kept doing it, and for about ten+ seconds, he just kept feeding his murder-boner and kept shooting me, despite me doing nothing but standing still asking him to stop it. Kevon eventually joined back in and I was downed, at which point Harun pulled out a machete and hacked my head off.

I get that this is a combat server, but it's also high RP. At the very least they could have captured me after downing me, like they did the marine, but they didn't even bother. This was just really bad role play, and it seems the only reason they did it was "lmao fuck you UNSC".

[Image: 2e3982d38d.png]

[Image: bc862d1890.png]

[Image: 2627b51d27.png]
As i do not know what exactly happend i will remain neutral for this but the URFC have been warned prior to this event for LRP memery. If you could bring me (or socks) more information that would be grand.
Joe Walaski  M.I.A

Harper O'Neill

Gory Gory What A Helluva Way To Die
alright where to start, the UNSC was found on our ship holding guns by our med bay, i didn't see them but Eluxor did with the AMR, i don't know who shot first or who saw who first, i just got on the ship by the time they were spotted by med bay. after seeing the URFC ship shoot up we didn't take kindly to it, eluxor took a shot at one of the UNSC members wounding one of them, later running down to finish them off. eluxor went down first and i followed after. by the time i got down there, there was already a fire fight happening between eluxor and 'matthew' both sides of the side shooting at each other. i shot a few times with the 30 cal but missed most of them. by the time he started saying hang on was by the time he ran out of ammo, (after firing all his shoots at eluxor) i was ready to stop shooting until i heard "hang on" but could not stop due to lag and my habit of spam clicking.
1) You're reporting someone, Kevon Crush, who you said even STOPPED attacking you after you said hold, and yet you report him why?

2) If I can read this correctly, you say you and the URFC got into a firefight, the Commandos are at no obligation to stop midway because you called quitsies, probably because you knew you were at the disadvantage and tried to save your own skin. Plus you said you were on URFC ship and said you got off because it was fucked, this implies that you broke onto the Avarice. Once again, URFC are in their right to kill you because you could of easily nabbed important equipment like C12, combat medkit and the likes.

3) You're right, this is a combat server and a roleplay server, but combat can take precedence when it's your character's life on the line. Everyone has a response, fight, flight or freeze. If we're looking at this from a roleplay perspective, it could easily be seen that the URFC's response was a fight one, and kept on fighting. After all, you already started hostilities

4) URF and the UNSC have a long history of hating eachother and killing eachother for it. I don't imagine most ODSTs, and from what I have seen, would stop in the middle of a firefight to oblige and team up with a URFC because aliens fucked both their ships up. Make allies before make enemies, yeah?
Don't be dong.
Now having seen Crush and Eluxors side of the story i belive that was nothing out of the ordinary. You boarded their ship, blew open their doors so they shot you. YOu ran away so they chased you planetside and finished you off. Yelling ''STOP HOLD UP'' in a firefight will usually not result in the opposing side holding fire. I see nothing wrong with how they handled the situation.
Joe Walaski  M.I.A

Harper O'Neill

Gory Gory What A Helluva Way To Die
Right, hearing your guys' sides to the story makes me feel that I was a bit hasty making the thread, and you are, as I now realize, as much as I dislike it, in the right for continuing to attack me. Also Kevon I apologize for mentioning you, as, thinking about it, you really don't deserve to be in this complaint.

However, what still rustles my jimmies is the fact that Harun proceeded to chop off my head after I was incapacitated, which I still cannot think of any reason why other than "fuck you UNSC, muh freedom". A captured ODST could easily provide a great deal of information as to what is currently going on, why we boarded your ship, why the ship was blown to shit, why the UNSC ship was blown to shit, and why the colony was blown to shit, not to mention the fact that I stopped attacking during the fight, clearly indicating that I was willing to cooperate and possibly even assist you.
Harun is essentially Space ISIS.
Just so you know, because you can’t view the Innie Barracks part of the forums, beheading an ODST is basically them honouring your death, they have to keep the head with them the rest of the round. This kind of thing is generally accepted if they are currently in an active war zone, or believe it may turn into one. Below is a part taken from the Commando Lore that references beheadings in the Innie Barracks.

“Afterwards, remove the head of the Commando/ODST and keep them as a relic of the past or a decoration, never to be forgotten. Place the armor back on their headless body and place both their body along with their helmet in the morgue (if you cannot remove their head, remove their helmet instead and keep it). Make sure to name them, lest they are forgotten. The armor will be delivered to the higher ups at the URF once the shift ends, the armor itself is valuable.”

So no, he didn’t behead you because of LRP, there was a commando lore reason behind his actions.

Also there was a captured Marine that they secured, you might be a ODST but you are also a Private First Class, what valuable intel might you have that the Marine doesn’t?

Furthermore, you shot first, ran away, then continued to shoot at the very angry URFC lads, which you had previously broken into their ship (I think C12 was used but not 100%), and then you drop your guns in the middle of a gunfight..

We’re enforcing HRP in the Innies, you’ll probably see a bit more execution style stuff with their current lore.
(Their lore is being changed tho, so yay)
I will not perform any action in regards to this appeal, as I see it, you guys did quite the operation. It would be a miracle anyone would have left you alive for it; they had every right to shoot you dead wordlessly to keep you from walking away from this. If you had any other examples of their behavior that would help your case. If say, they were the one raiding, and you were acting more neutrally then this, then maybe? RP has to take place after the firing of guns; there is no protection in the middle of a firefight aside from body armor.
Right, fair enough. I mean now I have more reason to shoot you dorks if you guys actually collect heads, but since there was apparently an actual reason for it, I guess I'm satisfied. Feel free to close the thread, modmins.

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