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JediCaster's Covenant App
Ckey: JediCaster

Discord name: JediCaster#3125

In-character name: Ino 'Kongfoo

General character info: A Sangheili Ranger, who comes from a distant tribe on Sangheilos. His hunting and survival skills were all taught from his elders at a young age. Silent and reserved.

Reason for joining: After playing a dozen rounds as an Unggoy, I overall enjoy role playing as Covenant than any other faction.

Roleplay Example/History: Neverwinter Nights, Garry's Mod.

More depth with factions details IE:

Unggoy: Plentiful canon fodder amongst the ranks. Their blind loyalty could be useful...
King-Yar: Just a little bit faster. On the winning side when it comes to rank hierarchy on Unggoy; an extreme bias Ino harbors.
Jiralhanae: An unsweet, teeth grinding rivalry. Ino always feels uncertain of their authority.
San'Shyuum: Only the upmost respect for the prophets. Little reason to doubt their will.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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