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Player report on Prophet of Pancakes(discord Someone Random#5544?
Another unfortunate report that I have to make,it brings me no joy to do this but I have to as I was told.

To start, this player applied for a shipmaster a while ago,the first red flags about him was his appeal.
It was to put it bluntly,very vague and poorly made, they state they joined the covenant faction on 24th of August,2018. Yet on the next question about their memorable roleplay moments,not a single one struck them enough. It wouldn't be much of a problem if Shipmaster wasn't mostly a tactical/roleplay role.
Next question was if they understood RoE,they said yes,this will be important later.
The funny thing was that they said in their application that one of the reasons they wanted to be a shipmaster is to get "a kickass energy blade and giving orders", this will be important later.
Last question was why should they be whitelisted,to which they responded with "I've been a covenant member for well over five months, and I think its time to apply for this whitelist that opened around a week ago. I've had some good roleplay on some other servers, and I think I can provide some good roleplay in this server as a command role aswell." This too will be important later.
They application was vague and barebones,compared to our newer shipmaster,who took time and effort to make a shipmaster application.
Now we're getting to a few real problems.
After a day or so after they posted their application they started getting a little passive aggressive,saying something along the lines of "Im patient but not THAT patient".
When he got accepted,he went for his first game,I happened to be playing the same round as well as 24THBN.
First off he didn't do any roleplay,outright ignored greetings,would be silent for a long periods of time, this would become evident when he sent a kig-yar down on KS7,for atleast 10 minutes he wouldn't even ask for a status report until I would,and even after that he'd just stand still and do nothing,he was not afk,he would answer questions.
After doing nothing for half an hour I decided to ask him if we were going to do nothing for another 30 minutes,to which he said "maybe..."
He then asked the kig-yar for status report, Kigyar says theres only snow and hostile local fauna and the settlement he can't enter without being seen, shipmaster finnaly tells the kig-yar to go into the settlement,kig-yar finds minor artifacts and gets them back,shipmaster sets course to the base,and ghosts in the middle of the base.
We wasted 1 hour and 17 minutes in total on doing basically nothing.
He broke no rules but he showed hes clearly not going to bring any RP as he said in his appeal,he showed no signs of competance, but lets ignore that for a moment.
A few weeks later, he decides to play a kig-yar, go to VT9,kill a marine and take his gear and equip it,including using a mongoose for fun.
He then tried to inflitrate bertels,he fails,round ends.
New round he does the same thing,but abbandons SDV,and the shipmaster on it faxes about it,he gets a fax back saying to hunt the heretical kig-yar down.
Now let me bring up some things he said in his appeal.
**Do you understand the RoE? I do.**
He clearly didn't, as what he did was unnessesary Major heresy 
* Kig-Yar and Unggoy are allowed to secretly commit minor heresy, minor and major heresy being subjective to the situation. Sangheili is expected to uphold by the tenants as strict law and to make the others adhere to it. Unggoy Deacons are also treated as Sangheili in this regard. Bags are prohibited due to mechanical reasons, belts are allowed as minor heresy.*
His situation didn't warrant using the mongoose nor equiping marine armor.
He did the same thing again next round minus the mongoose and died to innies.
Not only that,but he claimed on Battlenet that he can commit Minor and Major heresy while not on SDV,he was not on missionary,he was just going around VT9,then boarded Thorn and got killed by innies.

Pictures for refference
Player has been removed from the shipmaster whitelist.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
Note any further reports of this type of RP will lead to faction removal.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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