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411Rohans Sanghelli Application
Ckey: 411Rohan

Discord name: Despacito Empire

In-character name: Vot'Sazum

general character info: Vot'Sazum like many other Sanghelli is filled with a fanatical devotion to the Prophets, the Covenant and The Great Journey. He is extremely honorable believing that all foes no matter what race or whom they serve deserve an honorable warriors death, and in that case he has found strong moral conflict in serving with the Covenant where he has had to on many times do things that directly go against his own morals. In certain cases he has even let surrendering human soldiers , wounded and civilians escape when his superiors weren't around of course. Other than that he is rather loud spoken and has been extremely cocky on more than one occasion. 

Reason for joining : I've been playing on the Halo server for awhile and was even around during it's start when ODSTS were just a time locked job. Since then I've had to change accounts due to my account getting hacked. I've always loved Sanghelli and Covenant lore and I believe it would be an extremely enjoyable experience to play as one.

Role play Example/History: I have been role playing for around 8 years. I only started getting into SS-13 around two years ago and since then have fallen in love with it and it's community. Other than that I have spent 3 years rping on Gmod HL2, Halo, and SCP role plays even achieving staff on quite a few servers..

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later.

Unggoy - Like most Sanghelli Vot sees these aliens as obnoxious cowardly pests, though a select few have gained his respect due to their loyalty.

Sanghelli - Vat holds a high esteem for his own race, seeing them as superior to nearly all the other races in the covenant aside from the Prophets themselves.

Kig'yar - Vat believes that they are dishonorable untrustworthy creatures and tries to best to avoid contact with them.
for the great journey
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]
note if you are not in the server discord  you will be removed once the faction purge happens
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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