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WarlordToby's application
Ckey: WarlordToby

Discord name:WarlordToby#8551

In-character name: Maxwell Hunter

general character info: Maxwell is a calm and an independent personality, whose greatest enemy is himself. He spent his early life on the rimworld ring, where he was strongly influenced by the locals muttering about the unfairness the UEG makes them go through. He joined the UNSC marines at age of 24 after finishing medical school. Constant fighting made Maxwell question his morals and the cause he fights for. 

Maxwell's turning point was his own capture. To his surprise, he was treated well. Though he was forced to perform surgery on wounded civilians after major attack on insurrection, he came to an understanding that he is fighting for the wrong cause.

Reason for joining: I have played UNSC, been there, done that. I believe I will feel at home with URF as I discovered that playing innie actually is fun and interesting.
+1 for the mad lad
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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