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Winters' Covenant App
Ckey: BillyRW99

Discord name:Winters #4145

In-character name: Gak

General Character Info: Gak is a kig-yar who tries to look over most situations before making a move rather than just running into a situation recklessly (Unless ordered to just run into a situation recklessly. Like a lot of kig-yar, she's mostly part of the covenant more for herself rather than being a part of it for any sort of cause. She can recognize a hopeless situation when she sees one, valuing self preservation over dying for the covenant.

Reason for Joining: I was inactive for a while when the server was sweeping inactive users, so I'm looking to rejoin.

More depth with factions details IE:

Unggoy- While she does see them as being beneath kig-yar, she admits that they do have their uses. It seems like such a waste to make enemies with them through needless cruelty.

Kig-yar- She doesn't feel too strongly about them one way or another. She might have preference to them, being one herself, but that's about it.

Sangheili- She acknowledges them as superiors, but would ultimately value her own life over loyalty to them if it came down to it.
welcome back
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