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Yacobpo157's UNSC Application
Ckey: Yacobpo157

Discord name: Yacobpo157#7285

In-character name: Jacob Stone

General character info: Born to a middle class family on Earth, his father an Assault Recon Marine and his mother a devoted spouse, he was quickly instilled with the core values of the UNSC and strives to live up to his father's example. Eventually he would be picked up by the Office of Naval Intelligence, under Section III, as a Security Squad Leader at a classified location to best use his talents. Although he tries to set a good example, he has an attitude problem, and is a closeted "racist" against outer-system colonists as he views them all as URF or URF supporters. Because if they run they're URF, and if they stand then they're well trained URF

Which role is your character's main(ex: Technician, Marine, etc): ONI Security Squad Leader

Reason for joining : While I was active some months ago, I'm looking to become active again and have fun with the server and the community by rejoining it actively. I still have the UNSC tag on the Discord so I'm not sure if I'm still whitelisted or not so I'm making this just to be safe. More over, I'm hoping to eventually reapply and rejoin the ODSTs as an officer again.

Thank you for reading.
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(you're already in the UNSC)
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