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pls gib marine back
Your Byond/Ckey Username: Taumanta

Your character name (if relevant): Pat Cleary 

Who were you banned by: Crom, the Vice-Host

Date of ban: A few months ago, don't remember the exact date. 

Length of ban: Permanent 

Full ban reason: Jumping faction ships before they had a chance to be manned properly. 

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: Put simply, I understand where I fucked it and know to avoid that shit in the future. I enjoyed playing marine immensely (to the point where I haven't really been on at all recently just because I can't play marine). So, yeah, as the title says, please give me the ability to play marine again.  
That is hardly even the full ban reason. I tried just having a conversation with you over a player complaint and the same disposition that caused you to think that titling this something like this caused you to lose it. You have a long note list, a bad attitude and you have been caught lying. There is nothing redeemable about even having you on the server at all so far in my opinion, let alone to consider lifting this. Also, it was just a month ago.

The reason why it took so long to reply is that every time I saw the title I thought it was a shitty meme appeal I have to deal with all the time, so I ignored it without thinking it was one of mine. Sure enough, turns out it is a shitty meme appeal.
yeah nah tauman im giving this a solid -1 please rp more as a civ, innie, ect once i see an improvement in your rp ill gladly say yes..

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