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Player report on Weaselburg. (@Weaselburg#5546 ,ckey Weaselburg)
First off I'd like to say that I don't like doing this but Weasel,you've reached your limit, I didn't wanna do this but here goes.


Reason for complaint
-The player in question has played an unggoy named Plapplap.
-Weasel has been using heretical items willingly,lying when confronted about wether or not having IC knowledge that his crew is dead when he spawned mid round,saying that someone on the radio said that they said that they killed elites,when I took a look at the logs I saw no such thing,as it was ONI that killed the elites in their base,therefore he either metaknowledged this or just lied to have an excuse for all the following things.
-Stealing a nuke onboard missionary ship(kelso and doru can be witnesses for most of these things I am about to report), after being confronted about it,he returns it,then goes around the Missionary to steal plasma charges into a satchel(pics at the end for refferences), somehow getting optical mason scanner and wearing it, somehow getting the mentioned satchel and using it in most of the round, boarding bertels after some time,using the bertels emergency locker to take a human crowbar, bash the doors with his edagger and then open them with the mentioned human crowbar(pics at the end for refference), taking an armpit holster,equiping it, then getting in a human lifeboat pod,launching it,getting into ONI base and getting captured. After that round he decided it would be a good idea to continue using heretical items,using a human ID to get on bertels and walk around, then getting into human medbay to use a human syringe labeled Biofoam Syringe,which might be fine considering he was injured. Prior to this he and and another unggoy boarded a human vessel,they see an innie ship crewman in zeal armor,they manage to kill him but Plapplap gets injured,so he decides to take the UNSC medkit and help himself. He overdoses on biofoam and dies. After which he decides to respawn and go to his corpse to loot the human ID,with the same name as his corpse.

I will post pictures related to these inncidents,and I have logs regarding both rounds,which I will pass to Staff if nessesary.
Doru was a witness in the first round,24THBN was in the second one but doesn't seem to have seen much.

Stefan Pantich, Commander of the URF.
Stuck in the past and old ways.
A big fan of riddles and puzzles.
Cunning and brutal at the same time.
Right, the second round was me almost dying and needing to use biofoam, and accidentely ODING myself. As a unggoy, I am allowed major/minor heresy if it is done in secret. Don't remember much about the second.
I already said it might have been fine considering you were injured.
That still doesn't justify other things.
From the slight powergame  to meta and lowrp in general I can't overlook this, player in question will be jobbanned ALL covenant roles  and removed from the faction. They may appeal at a way later date.
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