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Lore Master
I Yeah What position are you applying for (Development or Staff)?
I am applying for Lore Master

How old are you?

Known IC Names Or Ckey?
Jothathan Texus/Texus Red/Syndie King

What timezone are you in?

How active can you be?
Depends on the day.
Due to my computer being broken I’m unable to be active in game, however I am extreme active on the Discord.

[b]How long have you been active within the Space Station 13 community?[/b]
About 4 years.

Do you have a history of bans?
Aside from some Temp bans from CM and Bay, no. 

Do you have any past experience as server staff/moderation?
Back in Godrising’s (I think his name was) Fallout server I was an Event Admin.

*If you are applying for Lore Master, Describe your in depth knowledge of the series.
Know most of the lore between 2400s-2560, Covie, Banished, Heretics, UNSC, UEG, ONI, Flood, all the Covenant species.. Pretty good at my lore.

*If you are applying for Lore Master, Are you able to follow the creative development of the server and to actively give out suggestions or comments?

If you are applying for Lore Master, Can you contribute to the wiki actively?
Pretty sure a separate department handles the Wiki Maintenance.
So not really. 
But I can answer questions that people have about server lore and game lore
"Wiki contributions" would probably consist of cross checking what we have on our wiki to make sure it's canon.
Sounds easy.
Bump cause this probably got forgotten about.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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