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Terminator541/Krautzy's Application 2: Electric Boogaloo
Ckey: Terminator541

Discord Name: Krautzy#6810

In-character Name: Xan-Cel

General Character Info: Xan is a male T'vaoan skirmisher that stands at a short height of 6'2 for those of his kind. Calm, quiet, and reclusive, this little kiggy holds no love for the Journey or the Prophets, caring more about the looting and trading of valuables. He has remained a Minor for as long as he has due to his distrust of his superiors (and squadmates), leading to him to stray from many an order he believed would be too dangerous. Oddly enough, though, he has, or at least shows, very little dislike towards the Unggoy, believing they're too stupid to effectively manipulate him, and thus trusts them far more than he would a sangheili.

Reason for Joining: Playing a generic human footsoldier is cool and all, but you know what would be even cooler? Playing an alien footsoldier instead. I like the change of perspective, and interactions between different races, human or kig-yar, are super fun.

Roleplay Example/History: I've been around on SS13 for a pretty long time. My earliest memory has me placed on Android Data's server when it was running good ol' Donutstation v1. I guess that's like, 6-7 years or something? Anyways, fast-forward a bit and I've got a bunch of experience from roleplaying on HL2RP servers for Garry's Mod, and a whole bunch more when I came back.
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