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URF Application
Ckey: Reege54

Discord name: Loop#0990

In-character name: Johnny Jango

General Character Info: Johnny is a man who likes to keep his head shaven and clean just like his every day tasks. Once served as a notorious corn farmer on an outer colony. Johnny's corn plants were the perfect quality. The husks were healthy green and damp, guarding the corn ear which held the golden jewelry of life which he held similar to his children. After losing his twenty one kids to the tyranny, he no longer grows corn

Reason For Joining: I like guerrilla warfare against big force
Twenty one kids? How could they do something like that to a simple corn farmer? Those bastards in the UNSC will certainly have it!

Also, how were you a "notorious" corn farmer?
The corn farming comes from me being able to produce 5 screen size corn bombs at the 50 minute mark into the round . Smile  Tongue

It's such a cheese and ruins fun so I stopped doing it. I remember gibbing UNSC through multiple rounds and poor Xakan as well some months back
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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