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Transcended_Mind, URF Application.


Discord name:


In-character name:

Mason Miller

general character info:

Mason was always a big, brash, bully of a lad, around 5'11 and well built, his hair seems to be undergoing a transformation from black to grey. He is deceptively small for his strength and doesn't like backing away from a fight.

With more love for scrapping and wrestling than he ever had for his own parents and younger brother,  it was no surprise to anyone that when the locals started rebelling, he was at the tip of the spear, taking great pleasure in his work. Mason would take any opportunity he was given, seeing it as an offer to start another fight. During his time working in rebel cells, Mason grew particularly independent due to his harshness towards others, leading to quite a few incidents where he was left injured without anyone willing to help, putting him on a path to learn basic medical skills.

Although to some, Mason seems like an average hot-headed bully, he does find himself growing strong bonds with those who share his love for a good 'ol fist fight and those who he respects, and, to some degree, his opponents, such as the UNSC, too. One big misconception involving Mason is that he hates the UNSC and it's affiliates - this is not the case, although fighting against them as a rebel, he will usually make a temporary truce with UNSC forces and even cooperate with them to some extent if he sees a bigger threat, such as the covenant, making an appearance.

Due to Mason's love of getting up close and personal, he prefers to use a shotgun and leaves the explosives in the armoury lockers.

Reason for joining:

As an on-and-off player for the server for the past year (Most probably won't know who I am), I have decided to give the server more attention and take part in not only the game but the community more. As a player who enjoys both Combat and RP, I am trying to join the URF (And then hopefully the SOE) due to their freedom compared to the UNSC and Covenant in terms of combat styles and character/RP opportunities, as well as the underdog feel that comes with being the weakest faction in terms of lore.

Please note that I am not American so some words are spelt differently (Armoury / Armory)
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