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Getfreur URF application

Discord name:getfreur

In-character name:Remo Drovgorovic

general character info:
Was born in talitsa on a rural area with a heavy anti-UEG sentiment, he grow up in a hydroponic farm that his family owned and was educated in agriculture, but as the UNSC increased their efforts to get rid of the planet URF presence, so did the local administration increase their efforts to tax those who now lived in UNSC controlled territory, which broke the farm.
After that he adquired a considerable distaste for the UEG and their UNSC dogs and joined a local URF cell, he was trained and deployed in ambushes against UNSC patrols, but he did't liked how many of his comrades did't followed proper rules of engagements and many times executed marines, which he decided to follow as he wanted to be seen as a freedom fighter, not a terrorist.

Reason for joining :

I noticed that not only the URF lack players, but it lack organization and i really liked their new gameplay, so i want to join and help the URF to become the nemesis that the UNSC will fear, while making them noble freedom fighters who follow the RoE.
[Image: 76561198068836779.png]

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