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OuterMostMonk - Shipmaster Application
Ckey: outermonk

Discord Name: OuterMostMonk#2283

Character Name (s): Edo'Tehamee (Sangheili), Edimus (Jiralhanae), Sufam (Unggoy), Alisdair Church (Marine)

How long have you been a member of the Covenant Faction?

Nearly 4 months, specifically 3 months and 25 days

What are some examples of good Covenant Roleplay that you have been a part of?

I will give two examples. The first would be during a crusade round in which I was an Elite Ultra fighting alongside a Brute captain, we both engaged in small moments of RP in-between the waves, such as me expressing my disdain for Brute weaponry and retorting with disbelief when the Brute implied he would outlive me (he technically did when we got surrounded by Spartans and both died, though me slightly before him)

I enjoy the rivalry between the two species, but I also leave it at as a rivalry and don't instigate hostilities or refuse to help.

Another example would be during a round of first contact, I ready up as a grunt and alongside two jackals we attempt to recover the weapons that can be found in the wrecks on the planet, I was also the victim of a 'funny' prank involving a stun baton (mean jackals).
We return to the ship due to running out of medical supplies from fighting pirates to find two colonists trying to shoot their way in, an argument ensues and one of them suggests to the other to kill us. One of the jackals tries to stun baton them but they fire in response, which leads to all three of us, who are already in a wounded state, dying and the two colonists crawling away, barely alive. 

Eventually I respawn as a jackal, one of the grunts stumbles upon the scene of the fight and it is deduced that the humans were hostile due to evidence left behind (guns, bullets and boots) and dead covenant.
We ask questions to the colonists over the radio to try to understand what happened and they only retort with insults and openly admit to the crime, this leads to us jackals agreeing to avenge the fallen and loot the colony for anything of value.  I do not know what happened to the killer colonists, but we managed to take another colonist prisoner (after a grunt killed his dog) and we stole a jukebox from the bar before flying away.

Do you understand the Faction Rules?

Yes, and as a Shipmaster (well all elites really) you are both expected to be especially beholden to them and also enforce them

Do you understand that you are not above the Covenant law, and may be persecuted for not following the Faction Rules?


Do you understand that you can be removed from the whitelist at any given time, based on your behaviour, even when not playing the role you applied for?


What do you think your job is as the role you are applying for?

The role of the Shipmaster is to coordinate the crew of the ship, they are experienced, zealous and faithfully execute the will of the prophets and are thus entrusted with command of a ship.

As a Shipmaster I would try my best to achieve the objectives given by the prophets, I would do this mainly through commanding rather than brute force. A leader getting killed is bad for morale and can cause disarray, Ultras and Brute Captains are more suited to spearhead a charge, though I will not be afraid to lead from the front if I must.
I would also do my best to ensure the survival of my ship and if it is threatened I will do all I can to save it, as long as it does not jeopardise the mission (usually losing the ship will fail the mission anyway).

Why should you be whitelisted?

I have been playing on Halo Station for quite a while, sometimes in a command position. Lately I have been playing important roles more often, trying to rally forces as an Elite Ultra, Brute Captain or even as a Marine Sergeant.

I enjoy this server most when people are working together rather than running off to die alone in some corner, I intend to provide guidance and encourage cohesion, especially to new players by playing as command roles. Since I often have to take command when playing the likes of Ultra I thought I may as well try to obtain the actual main command role.


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