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Colony Goals
Geminus Colony Goals
-by Emoats18

Mining is the primary source of income for Geminus.

My idea is is pretty simple. Add a cargo ship / shuttle so the colonists can sell ores for money and give said money to the mayor, who deposits it into the Colony faction vault, kind of how the URF does, the mayor can then spend this money on different things, say... Colony ships or something. Now I also want to tie this in with the Colonial Guard / Militia concept, what I mean by that, is that as long as the colony meets a certain quota and can keep the peace by themselves, the UNSC has no reason to arrive.

Colony Quota
  • Insurrectionist activity CAN NOT get out of hand.
  • The Colonial Guard / Militia MUST BE ABLE to handle the Insurrection by THEMSELVES or the Bertels will be forced to arrive.
  • There has to be a set amount of money that has to be made and sent by the mayor to the UEG, or else taxes will rise ETC...
  • More can be added, but you get the idea.
I know what you are thinking, but how will the round ever progress?

Well... A few ways, y'all know how ONI be right? 

Yeah, just add an undercover ONI operative with a specific set of goals... Lets say... To disrupt the colony and cause civil unrest so the Bertels has the auth to arrive in full force and take control.

Oh and don't forget about our Innie boys...

Y'all know they'll cause the UNSC to arrive anyway...

And now, back to the Colonial Guard / Militia, they answer directly to the UNSC, kind of like the Montagnard in Vietnam, what I mean by that is they are a local militia sanctioned and funded by the UNSC with a UNSC boy leading them. So the idea is, the UNSC does not wan't to waste man power on some outer colony seeing as they have to fight the covenant now. Lets say, they can draft colonists... Maybe that's how they get 'reinforcements' from the colony. It could be real player colonists or say... NPCs.

Just a little concept that came into my head since this new update.

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