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Covvie Application
Ckey: Dwarfwarrior417

Discord name: Assent

In-character name:Yusuy (Grunt) Mak (Skirmisher) Ceretus (Brute) Tasze 'Vulkamee (Elite)

general character info: Yusuy is an all-rounder sort of grunt, he can shoot main guns, fight on the ground and do maintenance for the ship and a fervent believer in the Covenant's goals. Mak is a recon, quick and decisive with his sniper-rifle and while not as fervent as Yusuy, he would die for the Covenant should he need to. Ceretus is like all brutes, strong... he is brash and quick to make a decision but tactically minded when he's not blood-lusted and dislikes Elites. Tasze is like Ceretus in his brashness but thinks ahead more and is less likely to run in guns blazing, he will follow orders as best as he can and will voice opinions when his leaders need them, he is also more caring for the lesser castes of the Covenant than most other Sanghelli are.

Reason for joining :Halo is one of my favorite games and universes and I love to RP... SS13 holds a special place in my heart as a simple but exotic and at times plain awesome RP game and it's one of my favorite places to RP.

Roleplay Example/History: Yusuy and the original grunt I played were gunners and were part of a plan to attack the hostile colony, both did damage to hostile human ships and one laid their life down in defense of the ship.
For the great journey
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