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Bork Dork's app - TrashMaster9000 - 02-05-2019


Discord nameAngryBork Dork#2040 

In-character name: Rel

general character info: Not quite sure yet, just started playing this place properly recently and am figuring out a new character's details. Generally so far T'vaoan kiggy with a side of the typical ferocity met with the conflict of which side of the war to get shinies from (and probably choosing both)

Reason for joining : The covenant faction community appeals to me more and I find Kig-yar & Huragok more interesting

Roleplay Example/History: Three D&D campaigns, lots of 1 on 1, few years of jumping between SS13 servers

More depth with factions details IE: roles, etc will be added later.

RE: Bork Dork's app - BDpuffy420 - 02-08-2019

For the great journey