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Kozi32 Spriter App - Kozi32 - 01-23-2019

Age: 21

Ckey: Kozi32

Discord Name: Prophet of Wpierdol ([color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]Kozi32[/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]#4645)[/color]

Time Zone: In Winter CET(UTC+1) In Summer CEST (UTC+2)

How long you have been spriting: I...i'm not sure, but i didnt started on halo

Prior work done: Mostly anim but Cobbies:
Gravlift 32-64-128
Droppod(resprited soiev)
there was something lessers too but i forgot
For UNSC i animated Auto(deathmachine)Doc too

RE: Kozi32 Spriter App - BDpuffy420 - 02-20-2019

Do you have a paypal?

RE: Kozi32 Spriter App - Kozi32 - 02-20-2019

Nu i dont, and i dont need ca$h..

RE: Kozi32 Spriter App - BDpuffy420 - 02-22-2019

Denied, player has been banned from our community

RE: Kozi32 Spriter App - Mclovin - 02-22-2019

User is banned so its a no.