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Update Playtest this Friday 10th 1 pm CST - BDpuffy420 - 11-08-2017

Halo: Space Station Evolved Playtest & Update


  We have another planned testing this Friday at 1 PM CST and another testing for the late night players  9 PM CST, with fixes and updates to the Insurrection game mode  and Team Slayer, Free-For-All Slayer and with a possible  two new gamemodes to be ready for testing (Stranded & Hostage) to be added in soon.
  In other news we currently have a new lore master joining our ranks to help out which also entails another update, we are now getting a wiki setup this very moment and  the upkeep of the wiki will be handled by the lore masters and such, the wiki shall be linked to the forums & server soon enough. Lastly I wanted to add we are currently 83% complete on the PUBLIC ALPHA!!!  Cool  its been a crazy ride and we are almost home!