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Welcome! - BDpuffy420 - 08-03-2015

Halo: Space Station Evolved

Welcome to our new forums, let's hope this is one we stick with guys!  Anyway a few things.
  • Teamspeak - We do in fact have our teamspeak for the server, I shall link to the forums soon.
  • Donations - Yup can you can donate to the server later on once we have the Alpha up and running
  • Staff -  You can send in your applications if you wish to become a server admin and such.
  • When is the Alpha?  - As mentioned on the Reddit post, we hope to have a playable Alpha later on this month if not  next month.
  • Is there anything I can do to help this project? -  Of course, by giving us feed back of what you want to see on our server as well telling your space man buddies about us as well!
Well that is all I have for now, I hope you enjoy your stay on our forums and keep an eye out for development progress in the future as well.

What is Halo: Space station Evolved? - Halo:SSE is a medium roleplay server that takes place in the halo universe, with much to do and see as this project grows!

RE: Welcome! - BDpuffy420 - 09-29-2015

Semi-update, I'll add more later.