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Don1155 - Ban Appeal - Don1155 - 08-03-2019

Your Byond/Ckey Username: Don1155

Your character name (if relevant): Don Nivans

Who were you banned by: thegreytide

Date of ban: 2019-07-22

Length of ban: Permanent

Full ban reason: Spam

Appeal details/ Why should you be unbanned: 

*It's been a long time so I might not remember a few things*

So what happened was, it was just me and the admin. I think I ahelped the admin then he wasn't responding. I wanted to ask him something. So I tried using the pray verb. It would make the ding sound so I thought it might get his attention. I spammed it about 14-16 times I think. Then I waited for a while then left. Later on, I was given the Grounded role in discord. Then I asked why do I have this role and they showed me a pic of me spamming. And then I got banned from discord. When I tried joining the server, it showed
the reason of my ban. I believe that a permanent ban shouldn't be applied because yes, I have been banned on other stations before including HaloStation, but a permanent ban because of just spam? Even some other players get banned just for a month for killing someone. I know what I did was wrong, and I do regret and I promise not to do it ever again. 

RE: Don1155 - Ban Appeal - Mclovin - 08-08-2019

due to you pestering me on other servers and using the admin pm to do so this turned into a yes to a hard no.