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Full Version: XtremeSavageXD Covenant App
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Ckey: XtremeSavageXD 

Discord name: XtremeSavageXD 

In-character name: Tsara Bomba

general character info: A seasoned fighter who has been in many battles, Tsara strives to provide leadership and pride for his superiors. He has compassion for all his fellow Covenant members. He loves big guns and big ships.

Reason for joining : I love Halo, and I figured most of everyone would be in USMC so I figured I’d try something different.

Roleplay Example/History: Born to kill, Tsara loves violence only second to his superiors and comrades. He may not be the most experienced but he learns quick. He has been deployed to wipe the heritic race of humans from the universe.
For the great journey