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Full Version: [suggestion] making r&d great again
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First of all, i am not a coder, dev, spriter or anything even close. This is also an exact copy of the one i made on hithub.

I am a heavy player of r&d and i wish for it to be actually useful. Here is just a few suggestions to try to improve it:
  1. R&D exclusive weapons: weapons that are only obtainable using r&d. Those weapons could be prototypes, new versions or even completely new weapons. Exemple, an h5g railgun.

  2. Upgradable vehicle: possibilities to change certains part or even build from the ground up a vehicle. Exemple: changing the cargo of a mangoose to make it able to transport heavier loads, an mini-electromagnetic canon that can replace the turret of a scorpion.

  3. Modular armor: armor that can be personalized with different upgrades. Maybe something like the mechs work, using ports and energy. Exemple: an armor with retractable blade in the arm-guard.

  4. Ancient technology experimentation: experimenting on forerunner artifacts, getting techs out of it. Exemple: using a forerunner cristal to boost a slipspace drive.

  5. More buildings: additions of more constructible using boards and such. Exemple: an high-tech turret that is not a confetti maker.
That is all for the moment, feel free to correct me or to discuss about balance and other related stuff. Im hopping for suggestions so i can improve my ideas further.
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